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Melasti Tanah Lot located in surrounding of Surya Mandala Cultural Park and Tri Antaka Monument. This restaurant opened on March 30, 2007 by I Wayan Suasta, SE from Rejasa village, Penebel, Tabanan regency as the owner of Melasti Tanah Lot. The uniquely of this restaurant are the location that is on the cliff and the panorama in front of this restaurant is blue ocean that can be seeing directly. The situation of that causing the visitor impressing reside in a cruiser. Melasti Tanah Lot already open at 8AM until 7PM. This reastaurant is specialist in seafood meal as according to its place there is near the ocean.



The visitor can come to this restaurant directly or can make reservation first before their want to enjoying the meal and beverages and the panorama on this reastaurant. Kind of meal that sold in Melasti Tanah Lot are European food, Chinese food, Indonesian food and according with request from the visitor before.Melasti Tanah Lot also provide place for event like, meeting, birthday party, dinner, and other event but customer must booking or make reservation first so that the management of Melasti Tanah Lot can make preparation.

Melasti Tanah Lot famous with seafood that become pledge menu in this restaurant. With exotic flavour of seafood favorites for your taste buds. It doesn't matter if you are not familiar with the food. The taste will driving you to sweet surrender. Combining with the iconic view of Tanah Lot and authentic Balinese grilled seafood delights, Melasti Tanah Lot come a favourite place to relaxing and enjoying the panorama while you have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. To make the customer feel comfortable, Melasti Tanah Lot provide complete facilities like balmy and clean toilet. Besides of that, if customer want to enjoy their meal and beverages close to the ocean, Melasti Tanah Lot provide place that close to the ocean that completed by chair and desk under on big umbrella. For reservation and detailed information you can contact :


Phone : +62 361 7805024

              +62 361 7437127

Fax     : +62 361 708775