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tato1If you visit Bali, you must put Tanah Lot on top of your must-visit-places-list. Tanah Lot has been known as an icon of Bali tourism. Tanah Lot is located at the south-western part of Bali Island. That’s why Tanah Lot becomes a good spot to see the sunset. In the afternoon, a lot of people come to Tanah Lot to see the sunset. There are also a lot of food-courts along the beach where people usually have dinner while seeing the sunset. That could be a romantic place for some couples.

Tanah Lot is also popular as a place for shopping and enjoy so many other fun experience. For you all who are big fans of tattoo, Tanah Lot offers great tattoo things. There is a special spot on Tanah Lot Art Market for tattoo fans. You can get a tattoo anywhere on your skin. It says "Temporary tattoo, last for two weeks. No needle, no pain, no scream." They use a kind of chemical substances to make the tattoo on your body. For some skin, it may feel itchy. It takes about fifteen minutes for them to paint tattoo to your body.
A lot of different kinds of tattoo pictures are also available. You can choose which pictures suit you best from birds, butterfly, abstract figures, or naked woman. Don’t worry if they don’t have the picture you want. The tattooing people are professionals. You can just ask them to draw any picture you want. They’re very good at it. You can either choose permanent and temporary tattoos. They have it all.