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tipeMay 10th, Purnama Desta, or full moon in Bali is always a special day for ceremonies and festivities. Hundreds of temples all over the island celebrate their anniversary on a specific full moon each year. Since full moon is also considered as an auspicious day, hundreds of ceremonies are held in all corner of the island on this sacred day. When a holiday such as Galungan is happen together with the purnama, the scale of the festivity and ceremony of this holyday is doubled, with more offerings and decoration than a Galungan without purnama.

May 10th, Budha Kliwon Pegatwakan, is The end of Galungan celebration series, this day held on Wednesday is a day of Buda Kliwon Wuku Pahang or Buda Kliwon Pegat Wakan. on this day all of equiptment that was used in Galungan and Kuningan Day will remove and cleaning, likes Penjor, Tamiang. all of that equiptment is offered with small offering and burned. that mean all world equipment is cleaned again. This ritual is held in houses and temples. in order to maintain peace ( Shanti ) for the world.

May 11th, Waisak, Commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. This celebration is enlivened by religious and social activities in Buddhist temples around the country. In Indonesia, the largest Buddhist temples, Candi Mendut and Candi Borobudur, both located in the Magelang Regency of Central Java not far from Yogyakarta, are the focus of interest and attract those observing the holiday and tourists. Three major historical events are celebrated on Waisak. The first is the birth of Siddhartha Gautama. The second is the acceptance of the divine revelation under the Bodhi tree. And the third is the journey of Siddhartha Gautama to heaven.

May 15th, Kajeng Kliwon Uwudan, a perfect moment to conduct physical and spiritual purification, to cleanse the mind, to heal sickness, to supernaturally get rid of evil elements in residential environs through specified ceremony or to wipe out the pest from agricultural fields. Kajeng Kliwon is such a sacred day that many Balinese decide to pay a visit to holy men: shamans or priests. In so doing they seek to acquire holy water, medication or instruction related to the development of psychic power. Some prefer going to the temples to pray, meditate or conduct ascetic practice to gain certain psychic power. Kajeng Kliwon is often associated with anything mystical and psychic in nature.

May 20th, Tumpek Krulut, On this day, offerings are given to pay homage to the musical instruments, masks, and dance costumes that are used in the numerous religious ceremonies in Bali. The instruments and other paraphernalia are decorated with young coconut leaf offerings, and holy water is sprinkled over them. Occasionally the members of the group that use the instruments, costumes and masks, congregate to say a prayer and be blessed. There are some differences to this practice. In some regions of Bali, Tumpek Krulut is ignored, and homage is paid to these objects on the last Tumpek of the Pawukon, Tumpek Wayang, instead.

May 24th, Budha Cemeng Merakih, Budha Wage is a reocccuring auspicious day for meditation and cleansing the mind of negativity. At this day, which is also known as the day of Sang Hyang Mankik Galih who descended as Sang Hyang Ongkara Mreta to the physical world, the Balinese Hindus pray to Dewa Sang Hyang Sri Nini for prosperity and protection with special offerings. The intended cleansing of the mind starts with a special ceremony called metirtha gocara which is performed with a canang offering and wangi-wangian, sweet smelling incense and flowers at the sangga of the family temple and the plankiran (wall temple) of the bedroom.

May 25th, Tilem Desta, On this day extra offerings are made around the family compound, as well as some offerings placed on the ground at the entrance to the house compound. The towering 'sesajen' offerings are also often taken to the village temple. Depending on the time of year, many temples then hold various forms of entertainment for the village - dancing, wayang puppet performances, arja plays - to coincide with the special prayers for Tilem.

May 25th, Commemorates Jesus Christ Ascended to Heaven, The Christian doctrine of the Ascension holds that Jesus ascended to heaven in the presence of his Eleven Apostles following his resurrection, and that in heaven he sits at the right hand of God the Father.

May 30th, Kajeng Kliwon Enyitan, is the day that has these two influences at the same time. For that reason, Kajeng Kliwon has magical power and therefor is a special day in Tanah Lot Bali. On this day extra offerings are made in the house compound, and offerings are placed at the front entrance gate on the ground, burning a coconut husk to provide smoke. Kliwon Enyitan is to increase the positive powers. The rituals of both are based on sincerity and honesty.