Tanah Lot Temple Ceremony for Three Days PDF Print E-mail

tlodalan2013The temple anniversary executed  every six-month that is on Buda Wage, Wara Langkir, four days after Kuningan Day, which is fall on April 19-22th 2017. All pemedek or prayers already praying in the morning until nighttime. The temple anniversary will take place or nyejer during three days.

Thousands of Hindus people which do pray to Tanah Lot Temple come from various area in Bali. Ceremony procession at Tanah Lot Temple start on 8 AM until 11 PM. But many pemedek (prayers) almost praying at 4 AM. The situation at Tanah Lot Temple  fulfilled by prayers  so that they must queue up first into jeroan (middle place of the temple) Tanah Lot Temple. Before the prayers do pray at Tanah Lot Temple, prayers most pray at Beji Kaler. Beji Kaler is source of holy water which is usually used if there is ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple. The purpose is to clean their body and their soul sanctified before they praying at Tanah Lot Temple.
Every prayers seen seriously and solemn when ritual ceremony happen. First, they pray with empty hand called "puyung". After that continued with use some flower with red and white color called "muspa", and then use kwangen which consist of some flower with multivarious color, and there is money above the flower called "sesari". Pray with kwangen is part of muspa. The last is pray with empty hand again to say thanks to the God of fluency and amenity which have been given.

After done then prayers mepamit (=finish to pray) going to way out there is at south of Tanah Lot Temple which circle until east of Tanah Lot Temple. On this way out prayers must queue up again because form of the way out is a stairs and not too wide.  The stairs  made from stone which formed of the rock that exist before. But along the time, then the stairs have been repaired to facilitating prayers if there is ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple.  To reach until jabaan, prayers helped by string to hold through the coast especially when the tide is high. With the string, hope prayers will feel more peaceful to defect specially when the tide is high.