"Kwangen", a Small Triangular for Offering Ceremony PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageThe kwangen is one of the common small triangular offering that used by individuals for praying in certain kinds of ceremonies containing flowers, a small betel nut, and often Chinese coins or "pis bolong". It is in the shape of a small triangular or conical folded pocket, containing flowers and other ingredients and is held between the fingers as is a flower when one prays. Kwangen are used in the Balinese form of prayer called muspa (to pray with flowers). Each kwangen must contain an urip of one Pis bolong. Pis bolong are used as what is called urip, a rituall “giving life” to an object.


For example, when an important building is constructed, offerings called pedagingan must be placed below the foundations. The presence of coins in the pedagingan provides what is called pengurip-urip for the building, a prayer for its integrity and safety and well being.