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Active ImageSpending your day in Tanah Lot Bali can be a day full of activities. Tanah Lot Bali offers lots of things to do to spend your holiday there, here are some of them. Beach activities : Strolling along the beach, sunbathing, surfing and swimming are some beach activities you can do at Tanah Lot Bali The beach in Tanah Lot Bali has limited road access so it is less crowded than Tanah Lot Bali, good for relaxing.

Sunset watching : Watching the stunningly beautiful Tanah Lot's sunset can be done from the beach, but Tanah Lot Bali offers some of Bali's best sunset bars where you can enjoy the sunset while sipping cold drinks or cocktail.

Shopping : Tanah Lot Bali offers rows of classy boutiques and shops that will satisfy your needs for shopping trip. Check out the latest fashion trends at various fashion boutiques that line up the Tanah Lot Bali’s street.

Having a spa treatment : Tanah Lot Bali is the center of Bali’s high-end spa. Tanah Lot Bali offers a spa experience here in a luxurious and sophisticated setting and of course the prices are still cheaper than you would pay in western countries. Here  is  a spa that worth a visit: Dewi Sinta Spa, located in Dewi Sinta Hotel & Restaurant Tanah Lot, phone : +62 361 812933. 

Sample ImageVisiting a temple : You can visit the sacred and beautiful Tanah Lot temple to get some Balinese experience especially when there is a temple anniversary that is celebrated every 210 days.

Fine dining and food sampling : Tanah Lot Bali houses some Bali’s best restaurants and wide selections of restaurants that will fit your taste and needs. You can have a romantic dinner, sampling exotic foods or simply hanging around to enjoy the cool ambience of the restaurants. Try Warung Segara, Melasti Tanah Lot, The Ocean Restaurant, or Cafe Santai to get a glimpse on what Tanah Lot Bali has to offer.