Environmental Sanitation Practices by POLTEKES Denpasar in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

 Tanah Lot is one of the tourism object are visited by tourists who come to Bali. Can imagine that many people would interact in Tanah Lot tourism object, like the tourists, tour guides and the community surrounding Tanah Lot. From this fact it is one of the universities in Bali, University of Polytechnic Health Denpasar (POLTEKES Denpasar), environmental health studies program conducted fieldwork practice in Tanah Lot. The practice of field work was carried out for two weeks from December 7th until December 17th, 2009.

The general objective of this activity is to improve public health, especially the restructuring attractions. Sightseeing restructuring needed to prevent transmission of diseases and health problems and encourage the development of national tourism. As for the students themselves, the purpose of this activity is to gain direct work experience and real work environments such as attractions or hotels through observation, discussion, and demonstrations.

This activity is followed by students of V semester 2009/2010 academic year. The number of students who follow the practice of sanitation facilities public places and tourist attractions as much as 14 people, while at each tourist attraction consisting of 7 students. The types of activities include: conducting a general orientation on organizational structure and sanitation activities attractions, parking arrangement systems, food sanitation hygiene, structuring the park, waste water disposal systems, and vector control and animal nuisance.

All activities undertaken by these students handled by supervisors who in the Public Relation also helped by another supervisor. By holding events on environmental sanitation practices expected can contribute improvements in all aspects, especially in the field of environmental health at Tanah Lot tourism object.